Surrogate Marketing – Saath Sadhaiko
Surrogate Marketing – Saath Sadhaiko

Surrogate marketing is a strategic approach that involves promoting a product or service indirectly when direct advertising is prohibited or restricted by legal or ethical guidelines. It aims to create associations with a particular brand or product through alternative means, such as promoting related or complementary offerings. Surrogate marketing allows companies to connect with their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive sales while complying with regulatory limitations.

In the context of the Nepalese advertising landscape, where promoting cigarettes faces significant legal hurdles, Project A employed surrogate marketing to elevate Winston's market share. By focusing on values, aspirations, and experiences that resonate with the target audience, Project A developed creative campaigns that positioned Winston as a companion for the Gen Z demographic. This approach enabled them to establish a strong emotional connection and navigate the challenging advertising landscape while complying with stringent regulations.

Case Study: Tapping into the Gen Z Mindset: How Project A's Surrogate Marketing Transformed Winston's Sales in Challenging Advertising Landscape

Introduction: In a highly regulated market like Nepal, advertising cigarettes faces significant legal hurdles. However, Project A undertook an extraordinary journey to elevate Winston's market share through strategic surrogate marketing, intensive research, and the establishment of new advertising precedents. This case study showcases Project A's approach, creative campaigns, and the remarkable results achieved in this challenging landscape.

Objective: To increase Winston's market share and engage the Gen Z demographic in compliance with stringent advertising laws.


1. Navigating Stringent Advertising Laws: Project A conducted a thorough analysis of the existing laws and regulations pertaining to cigarette advertising in Nepal. They identified opportunities within the legal framework to effectively reach and engage the target audience.

2. Surrogate Marketing as an Effective Solution: Recognizing the limitations imposed by the regulations, Project A adopted surrogate marketing as a strategic approach. By focusing on the values, aspirations, and experiences cherished by Gen Z, they created compelling campaigns positioning Winston as a trusted companion for their journeys.

3. Intensive Research and Focused Group Discussions: To understand the preferences, perceptions, and behaviors of Gen Z, Project A conducted extensive research and engaged in focused group discussions. These activities provided valuable insights that guided the development of campaigns tailored to resonate with the target audience.

4. Setting New Advertising Precedents: Project A successfully set new precedents in the Nepalese advertising landscape by creating innovative and compliant campaigns for Winston. These campaigns not only captured attention but also inspired other industry players to adopt similar strategies. This resulted in a paradigm shift in cigarette advertising practices within the market.


1. Remarkable Sales Growth: Within a year, Winston's sales increased from 0.2% to a notable 1.9%. This achievement is a testament to the effectiveness of Project A's surrogate marketing approach and the resonance of the campaigns with the Gen Z audience.

2. Enhanced Visibility and Engagement: Despite the restrictive advertising laws, Project A's campaigns achieved significant visibility and engagement. They successfully connected with the target audience and created brand awareness for Winston, defying the limitations imposed by the regulations.

3. Influencing the Industry: Project A's innovative advertising strategies set new advertising precedents in the Nepalese market. Competitors were inspired to adopt similar approaches, indicating the success and influence of Project A's campaigns. This paradigm shift reshaped the advertising landscape for cigarettes in Nepal.

Conclusion: Project A's strategic surrogate marketing, backed by intensive research and compliance with advertising regulations, played a pivotal role in transforming Winston's market share in Nepal. The exceptional sales growth, enhanced visibility, and the influence exerted on the industry serve as testaments to the success of Project A's approach. By tapping into the Gen Z mindset and establishing new advertising precedents, Project A showcased their ability to navigate challenging landscapes and deliver remarkable results for their clients.

- Ayush Dhoj Bista